Saint Wenceslaus helmet, 10th C



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The spangenhelm was an early method of helmet construction, but single-piece skulls like this one, being technically more difficult to produce, became more common with the increase in metallurgical skill over time. The nasal helmet appeared throughout Western Europe late in the 9th century, well before the Normans who would make the helmet type so famous. The nasal helm declined in popularity during the latter half of the 12th century, but they continued to be used by those to whom a wide field of vision was crucial, such as archers.

The helmet of St Wenceslaus, displayed in Prague castle, is one of the most famous surviving examples of these early conical nasal helmets. Wenceslaus, duke of Bohemia ruled in the beginning of the 10th C, and was a devout christian. He was posthumously elevated to the status of king and saint, and early medieval legends depict him as the epitome of a good and just ruler. A true king under the mountain, according to legend he sleeps under Mount Blanik and is to awaken with his host of knights when the country needs him the most. The helmet is an assembly from the end of 10th century, consisting of an iron helmet and a separate iron rim. The rim has a silver application depicting either the figure of Jesus, or the Viking god Odin, perhaps taken for Jesus at the time of assembly. The helmet is likely to have been used in battle based on the damage sustained. Since the 10th century the helmet has been considered to have belonged to St Wenceslas, and as such it ranks among the most important Bohemian relics.

Even though the nasal is richly decorated on the original, we have decided to offer an unadorned version for your own customizations and deity-preferences. Without any doubt this is the perfect protection for the wealthy warrior from the 10th c. onwards. Made of 2mm steel. Steel thickness may vary due to the handcraft methods used on its manufacturing. Leather chin strap included. Weight approx. 1.9 kg
Made by Marshall Historical.

Size M = 60~61 cm
Size L = 63~64 cm

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