Gjermundbu Helmet

  • Reproduction of a historical model, original from c. 970AD
  • Available in three sizes: S, M, and L
  • Made of 2mm steel
  • Authentic battle-worn antique look



Description of the Product

The original of this helmet was discovered in 1943 during an excavation of a rich viking burial mound at Gjermundbu, and is now displayed in the Historical Museum of the University of Oslo. The helmet has been dated to 970 AD, and it is currently the only viking helmet ever found to have survived intact to our day. The helmet consists of the spangen, or a horizontal rim and two vertical strips which together form the framework of the helmet, onto which the iron plates are riveted. The Gjermundbu is a typical example of a Viking spectical helmet, which offers the carrier good face protection while also guaranteeing an adequate field of vision. The helmet shares similarities with other preceding helmet designs, such as the Vendel helmets. These include the rounded cap, the spectacles, as well as the mail aventail.

In our Gjermundbu helmet the bowl consists of two parts, hammered out of 2mm strong steel and carefully welded. Four crossings, hand-forged steel straps (the spangen, or the braces) are riveted to the helmet bowl to give it extra strength. The spectacle, also made of 2mm strong steel, is also riveted. It offers good face protection and reaches below the nose. The spectacle has the same chipping marks as the original. The helmet has a mail aventail of riveted rings, since the original is likely to have had one as well. The hand-forged tip of the helmet is attached with a screw and is easy to demount, should it be required for safety reasons.

This Gjermundu helmet is made to look authentic, which is why it has deliberate “imperfections” and has not been polished to a high gloss. The patina on the surface emphasizes its authenticity. These helmets are individually hand-weathered and thus unique, and not copies of each other. There are deliberately manufactured markings of wear, tear and use to make the item seem more antique. Just like the whole surface is covered in rust, the scratches, stains and combat marks are designed as a part of this product to make it seem more like an authentic original, and are not considered defects.

A comfortable, adjustable and padded cloth liner is riveted into the helmet and it has leather chin straps with a brass buckle.
This outstanding reconstruction is for collectors as well as for reenactors of the Viking period, a very interesting and affordable piece of living history.

  • Available in three sizes: S, M and L
  • Manufacturer: Ulfberth
  • Specs can vary slightly from piece to piece.
Size max. Head circumference Inner distance from back- to forehead Inner distance from ear to ear Weight
S 58 cm 20.5 cm 17 cm 2.6 kg
M 62 cm 22 cm 19 cm 2.9 kg
L 64 cm 23 cm 20 cm 3.2 kg
Really fast delivery and excellent quality goods!
- Hans Segercrantz

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