Historical Excalibur


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Description of the Product

If King Arthur actually existed many historians place him as a war leader seeking to halt the invasion of the Saxons, a warring Germanic tribe, after the fall of Rome. There are many indications that England did, after a time of much strife, have a brief period of peace and prosperity in what is now called "The Dark Ages". The functional Excalibur sword is of a type that was widely in use during this period and would be what a hard fighting warrior would prefer. Nicely balanced, well tempered functional high carbon steel blade offset with antiqued brass parts. Period scabbard included.

Weight 1.3kg
(2 lbs. 12 oz), overall 94cm
(37"), blade 79cm
(31 1/4") long, 4.1cm
(1 5/8") wide, 4.8mm
(3/16”) thick. Made by Windlass Steelcrafts.

Ordering from you was easy and delivery was quick! thanks for the help when I needed it also.....
- Joe Richardson

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