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Description of the Product

Between its capture by the Vikings in 866AD and the Norman Conquest of 1066AD, Jorvik was an important trading hub in the south of Northumbria (modern-day Yorkshire). During Roman times the town had functioned as a trading port and a fortress Eboracum, and the Anglo-Saxons had called the trading port Eoforwic. In November 866 the Great Heathen Army led by Ivar the Boneless captured the city, and Northern England would continue to be a source of intrigue for the Norwegians until Harald III of Norway's death at the Battle of Stamford Bridge in 1066, just prior to the Battle of Hastings and the Norman conquest. The region was an economic success, and due to the urban boom the population of Jorvik was second only to that of London. In the years that followed the battle of Stamford Bridge there were occasional, unsuccessful, attempts by the Danish Vikings to recapture the Kingdom of Jórvík, and the area, together with other smaller kingdoms, was merged into a larger whole.

From 1976 to 1981 the area of York known as Coppergate, was excavated. The moist and peaty conditions of the area had preserved an astounding amount of organic remains of timber buildings, textiles from clothing and leather shoes; things which under other conditions would have long rotted away. They have given us unmatched detail about how people lived in the Viking Age. From this Coppergate dig come several famous items, such as the Coppergate helmet, an 8th C Anglo-Saxon helmet.

Based on the finds from Coppergate these turn shoes have an overlap closure with toggles, and are similar to for example the earlier Dorestad shoe. Our model has a higher shank and an extra closure which provides a greater degree of safety and comfort while maintaining its historical appearance.

This product is made with natural leather. It may contain imperfections or not be 100% regular. The roughness or color may vary slightly. The tinting is done by natural methods and the final finish may vary depending on the original leather tone.
Made by Marshal Historical.

Available in sizes 38-47.

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