Medici Dagger

  • Original from late 1400’s
  • This Renaissance dagger is like the Medici’s: courtly and embellished, yet ruthlessly deadly
  • Filigree work on the handle and the sheath
  • Large pommel balances the dagger nicely
  • Made of high quality 1055 carbon steel
  • Comes with a black leather scabbard


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Description of the Product

The House of Medici was a political dynasty, banking family and later a royal house that first began to gather prominence during the late 14th century. For a century, renaissance Italy revolved around the Medici Family. They concentrated the increasing wealth generated in the region, and with it power, into their unofficial empire on an unprecedented scale. From their ranks emerged four Popes, and several marriages into the ruling royal families of Europe. Although officially they were never more than citizens, in reality they were the power behind the republic.

With Lorenzo ‘’Il Magnifico’’ Medici at the helm, the family’s fortunes were at their height. Lorenzo used his vast fortune to sponsor arts and humanism in Florence, making it the cultural epicenter of not just Italy but of Europe, and personally being the patron among others of Leonardo Da Vinci and Michelangelo. Towards the end of the 15th century Florence and the Medici’s became embroiled in wars, riots and the reformation. Savonarola burned a large number of the Medici’s cultural treasures in his Bonfire of Vanities, but the family returned, and strived to make the city più bello che si può, more beautiful than is possible.

Naturally, such an ambitious and dominating family had many enemies in the notoriously cloak-and-dagger politics of Renaissance Italy. The family was often embroiled in power struggles, and this Renaissance dagger of Florentine-Milanese design embodies their family legacy well. Courtly and embellished, it underlines the family’s regal presence and commitment to the arts. As a deadly and ruthless weapon with a sleek armor-piercing blade it reminds of the deadly side of these power struggles.

This renaissance Medici dagger has filigree work on the handle and the sheath. The large pommel gives excellent balance, and the soft black leather wrapped grip gives it both comfort and elegance. The sheath is black leather. With the small ring-guard the dagger could be used to parry strikes if needed. The blade hand forged out of high quality 1055 high carbon steel has a triple fuller.

Circa Late 15th Century.

Made by Windlass Steelcrafts.

Overall length: 41.8 cm
Blade length: 28.2 cm
Handle length: 12.8 cm
Weight: 460 g
Point of Balance: -2.8 cm
Width at Guard: 2.5 cm
Width at Tip: 1.5 cm
Thickness at Guard: 4.3 mm
Thickness at Tip: 3.3 mm
Blade material: 1055 carbon steel
Sharpness: Unsharpened
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