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Description of the Product

The Hanwei Practical Rapiers utilize popular swept hilt with two blade sizes 37" and 43" (94 cm and 110 cm) to match your sword fighting preferences and stature. These tapered blades provide a superior balance, making for a fast sword.

Fencing in the Renaissance style plays an important part in historical reenactment. These rapiers combine the quickness of light blades with the structure and spirit of the period. Hanwei's Renaissance-style rapiers trace their origins to early 17th century Europe. The rapier sword was a civilian and dueling weapon from the 16th century onwards, and it was mainly designed for thrusts, ideally through an opponent with whom you’d had a gentlemanly dispute.

During the Renaissance swordplay was considered an essential part of a gentleman’s education and was often used to resolve disagreements. The fencing schools where the gentlemen received this education were often centered on a renowned master. The legacy of those masters, such as Capo Ferro and Salvatore Fabris, who produced illuminated manuscripts detailing their skills, has survived to our day and their art is still alive.

These practical rapiers have been designed with safe yet authentic practice in mind. The blades are flexible and have a button tip in order to avoid accidentally drawing first blood from your sparring partner. The blade is forged of high carbon steel, the hilt is made of steel and the wooden grip is wired. This sword doesn’t include a scabbard.

Made by Hanwei. Specs may slightly vary from piece to piece.

Overall length: 109 cm
Blade length: 94 cm
Handle length: 13.9 cm
Weight: 1080 g
Point of Balance: 7.7 cm
Width at Guard: 25 mm
Width at Tip: 10 mm
Thickness at Guard: 6.0 mm
Thickness at Tip: 3.3 mm
Blade material: 1566 carbon steel
Sharpness: Blunt


Overall length: 124.9 cm
Blade length: 110 cm
Handle length: 13.9 cm
Weight: 1140 g
Point of Balance: 10.8 cm
Width at Guard: 25 mm
Width at Tip: 10 mm
Thickness at Guard: 6.0 mm
Thickness at Tip: 2.7 mm
Blade material: 1566 carbon steel
Sharpness: Blunt
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