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Giuseppe Radelli joined the Italian army in 1859, and after the war against Austria, France and the Kingdom of Sardinia he was entrusted to teach Montferrat cavalry as a cavalry veteran. The experiment was successful and a regular course was set up in Milan to supply sword masters for both cavalry and infantry. Radaelli developed his own saber fencing system and remained as the military sword school's director until his death. During the 1800's saber was still an important weapon and almost all European armies had own style of combat, fencing guides and teachers to train soldiers in the secrets of swordsmanship.

Radaelli was an important figure in the development of sword techniques in Italy throughout the 1800’s second half. Classical Italian saber fencing is still taught nowadays and it is indeed part of our living history, and the founder of this tradition is considered to be Radaelli.

In addition to the new fencing system Radaelli also developed a new saber for the army. Although sabers used in war are heavier, Radaelli also taught techniques in his school with lighter weapons like this one. Using a lighter sword soldiers were able to train longer and hits didn’t hurt as much. Using a lighter sword soldiers were able to use power and cut correctly while retaining safely. This sword has approximately the same weight as the original 1800’s training sabers (650-700g).

While Radaelli emphasized thrusts, strong cuts starting from elbow were also part of his system. Sabers made for military during the 1800’s were practically all-rounders cut-and-thrust swords, which both thrusted and cut efficiently. The sabers had enough mass and heft so that soldiers dared to trust their lives on the sword, either as a last defense on the battlefield or when making a cavalry charge to enemy's flank. Saber was primarily a weapon for cavalry during the 1800’s as they could make a rapid charge to close range. Slower infantry of course continued to carry melee weapons, but guns were the main weapon for infantry.

This sword is made in a classic Radaelli-style with a large ring as added hand protection. The blade is made of high carbon steel and is very flexible. The tip of the blade has a rounded button for safe thrusts. The cup protecting your hand and other metal parts of the hilt are made of stainless steel. The end of the tang is threaded and the hilt is fastened with a nut. This allows the hilt to be easily re-tightened or dismantled for inspection, customization and to exchange the blade if needed. Although this saber has been made to be a functional training tool for today's fencers at the same time it’s a fine copy of the original training sabers of the 1800’s.
Made by Hanwei. Specs may vary from piece to piece.

Overall length:102 cm
Blade length:86,5 cm
Handle length:14,5 cm
Weight:640 g
Point of Balance:6,5 cm
Width at Guard:14,7 mm
Width at Tip:10 mm
Thickness at Guard:7,3 mm
Thickness at Tip:2 mm
Blade material:9260 Carbon Steel

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