Red Dragon Light HEMA Jacket

  • Lightly padded jacket absorbs energy from blows
  • Gives thrust protection in accidents such as blade breakages
  • Constructed from a 350N rated heavy-duty cotton with an inner lining
  • Built in blade catcher at the padded collar
  • Available in sizes S, M, L and XL



Description of the Product

This HEMA Light Sparring Jacket by Red Dragon is designed for HEMA and is constructed from a 350N rated heavy-duty cotton with an inner lining. The jacket features less padding than the -Red Dragon HEMA Sparring Jacket- and is better suited to single hand weapons such as rapier and sabre where you need lesser amount of padding and benefit from added mobility and ease of use. This jacket has no padding on the back as it is very rare to receive effective blows here – especially from rapiers and sabres. This has the effect of reducing the weight of the jacket whilst increasing the breathability. It also does not have padding on the inside of the arms reducing the weight further.

This jacket provides padding to absorb energy of blows but more importantly it provides rated thrust protection for the rare cases of blade breakages. The sharp tip of a broken sword can penetrate regular clothing easily in lunges/thrusts and protective jackets like this are mandatory in other fencing sports to avoid these rare but serious injuries.

The padded collar features a blade catcher to help protect against stray thrusts that may go under the bib of a fencing mask. The back of the jacket features an adjustable webbing strap with Velcro attachment which allows it to be pulled in at the waist for a more streamlined fit.

Size S:
-Sleeve Length: 53 cm (21")
-Chest: 106 cm (42")
-Waist: 98 cm (38")
-Length: 59 cm (23")
-Weight: 1590 g

Size M:
-Sleeve Length: 56 cm (22")
-Chest: 112 cm (44")
-Waist: 106 cm (42")
-Length: 61 cm (24")
-Weight: 1766 g

Size L:
-Sleeve Length: 58 cm (23")
-Chest: 122 cm (48")
-Waist: 112 cm (44")
-Length: 63 cm (25")
-Weight: 1904 g

Size XL:
-Sleeve Length: 59 cm (23")
-Chest: 124cm (50")
-Waist: 116cm (46")
-Length: 67cm (26")
-Weight: 2080g

Manufacturer: Red Dragon. All dimensions are approximate and may vary from piece to piece.

The best of the best!!! I am very pleased, all products are beautiful and of good quality!!!!
- Robert Iulius

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