Viking Sword from 10th Century -Blunt


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We are glad to finally offer our line of blunt swords developed for the rigors of combat. Each blade is built to withstand heavy use by reenactors or stage performers. Each sword is forged of 51CrV4 carbon steel, and tempered to around HRC 50-52. The edges and points are thick and rounded for better nick resistance and safety. These swords are crafted using same methods as original historical pieces with riveted pommels and the stout beechwood grips are covered with leather.

This Viking sword is of the Petersen type S, and classified as type III in the more simplified Wheeler typology. The three-lobed pommel was typical of especially the Danish Viking swords from the 900’s. The lobes had been a Frankish invention, and due to their mastery of the sword-making process the swords spread far and wide, to Scandinavia and further east. This sword type would have been in use at the time when the Viking leader Rollo founded the new duchy of Normandy in northern France, when the Viking modus operandi turned from pillaging to settlement.

When training with practice weapons made of steel it's important to use proper protections and maintain the condition of all items. Exercise proper safety precautions and control at all times to avoid injuries.

As the sword type was popular throughout Europe, examples can be found in several museums, for example the Nationalmuseet in Copenhagen.
Made by Victor Berbekucz.

Blade 70 cm, handle 11 cm, total length 85.5 cm, cross guard width 10 cm, point-of-balance 9 cm, weight 1.2 kg.

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- Hans Segercrantz

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