Viking Sword Letter Opener

  • Overall length 26 cm
  • Silver finish hilt
  • Stainless Steel Blade


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Description of the Product

During the Viking era from circa 700CE to 1000CE the Nordic sailors sailed all the known and unknown seas exploring, trading with far off peoples and pillaging unsuspecting coastal towns. In addition to the traditional Viking countries like Sweden, Norway and Denmark, adventurers and soldiers from other Baltic states and Finland also took part and sailed to the ends of the earth with the Viking boats.

To the victims of the Vikings, they were all Danes. It didn't matter whether they came from Norway, Denmark or Sweden, they called them Danes. They usually came with spears and shields, and swords for those who could afford one. The Vikings were quite conscious of the need for a good sword, and when they acquired one, they took good care of it, handing it down from generation to generation.

The cocked-hat pommel is the most typical in Norwegian swords from around the 8th century up to around 950. These types of heavy triangular pommels had already been prevalent earlier during migration period, in Merovingian swords, and these early Viking swords, or Carolingian swords, kept that feature. The 800’s was the era when the Viking expeditions and raids became organized, ranging from Lindisfarne to Paris, Lisbon and Pisa. This miniature sword pays homage to this exciting era and weapon.

  • Overall length 26 cm
  • Silver finish hilt
  • Stainless Steel Blade
  • Made by Marto of Toledo
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