Winchester Lever Action Rifle, USA 1892

  • Made of cast metal (zamak) and hardwood
  • Can be cocked and dry fired like the original
  • Non-firing replica. Permit free in most countries
  • Excellent for theater and film productions


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Description of the Product

Winchester is a classic Wild West rifle that appears almost invariably in all Westerns. This rifle has been seen for example in the hands of John Wayne in dozens of films set in the classic Wild West era 1830-1860. The Winchester rifle was already during the 19th century originally advertised as a "weapon that conquered the West" and for a good reason. The Winchester rifle used bullets of the same caliber as the Colt SAA "Peacemaker" revolver, and these two weapons became commonplace side by side in the Wild West.

Lever action repeater rifles could be loaded with several bullets at once. The tubular magazine under the barrel held typically 14 rounds. Turning the lever the spent cartridge was removed and a new bullet was loaded ready to fire. Repeater rifles were capable of significantly faster rate of fire than single-loaded rifles, and although these used less powerful bullets (same ones that were used in revolvers), the higher rate of fire more than offset the lower impact power of the bullets. The advantages of these rifles that could be loaded with several rounds was already discovered during the American Civil War. Confederate soldiers watched with jealousy with their single shot muskets and marveled at the “damn Yankee rifle that could be loaded on Sunday and fired all week”.

This piece is replica of a Winchester lever action rifle 1892 model. Over a million pieces of these Winchester model 1892 rifles were manufactured and the production stopped in the 1940s. The Winchester rifle was based on the earlier 1862 Henry rifle and before this 1892 Winchester model there had been models 1866, 1873, 1876 and 1886, each new model making small detail changes and improvements. Visually and functionally, the different Winchester models are very similar and several different models were made and sold at the same time giving the buyer options to choose from.

Although Winchester is nowadays seen as the weapon of the US Wild West, the weapon was actively used also in Europe.

  • This gun is an exact replica of the original. The replica matches the original in size and weight. The mechanisms of the weapon are working. The weapon can be cocked and dry fired like a real one. Due to the materials used, the mechanisms cannot withstand continuous cocking and firing for long periods.
  • Genuine wood and cast metal has been used to make this replica weapon. Zamac differs from steel in many respects, so the structure of the gun does not withstand pressure, it cannot be used to fire bullets, nor can it be converted to a functional weapon by any means.
  • Replica guns such as this do not require permits in Finland, nor in many other countries. However, since the gun looks real, it should not be carried in public.
  • A replica gun is perfect for historical re-enactment, on a theater stage, in film productions, for collectors of historical memorabilia, and as decoration.
  • Length: 94 cm
  • Weight: 2,52 kg
  • Manufacturer: Denix, Spain

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- Hans Segercrantz

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Luca Semenzato
Luca Semenzato
Bought the metal Rotella shield here. It shipped to Italy in just a couple days perfectly packaged and without a single bump (impressive since it's a sheet metal item). I absolutely recommend iron gate armory and will buy again here for sure! :D
kaspar pulk
kaspar pulk
Fast and great delivery and service! Would shop again!!
N. S.
N. S.
Highly grateful for the wonderful dress, coat and bag. Delivery was super fast, all items are high quality and the size suits me perfectly, matching exactly the measurements marked at the website. Can't wait to wear it!
tänne välipala
tänne välipala
Aivan mahtava replika aseiden ja muiden varusteiden ostos paikka olen tilannut ainakin 13 asetta ja muita esineitä suosittelen lämpimästi
Toimitus oli nopea ja tuote juurikin sitä mitä halusin. 👍
Reino Aittomäki
Reino Aittomäki
Helppo osto, nopea toimitus ja tuote vastasi kuvausta.
Radovan B
Radovan B
Objednával som tovar do nášho nového Escape Room 👍
Janne Parkkila
Janne Parkkila
Mielenkiintoisia tuotteita löytyy myös nettikaupan kautta mutta paikanpäällä myymälässä kannattaa ehdottomasti käydä. Enemmän tavaroita ja asiantunteva sekä ystävällinen palvelu.
Marko Honkanen
Marko Honkanen
Mahtavia tuotteita, kilpailukykyiset hinnat ja sujuva asiakaspalvelu.
Sami Viljanen
Sami Viljanen
Tilasin Gjermundbu viikinkikypärän. Kypärä toimitettiin tosi nopeasti, lähti jo toimitukseen tilauspäivänä. Tuote on todella korkealaatuinen, vastaa täysin kuvausta ja voin vahvasti suositella.

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