Musketeer Main Gauche


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Description of the Product

Carried at the back for a left hand draw, the main gauche was often brought into play with the rapier for a two handed fighting style. The emblem of the Musketeers, a cross with fleur-de-lis at each corner, is engraved into both sides of the hilt. This dagger has cut-outs and notches to slow or disrupt an opponent's blade, while the hand is well-protected by the knuckle bow. The blade is made of tempered, high-carbon steel. The grip is wood wrapped with twisted wire and the parts of the hilt are plated with gleaming nickel silver. Also includes a blue leather scabbard.

Weight 790g (2 lbs), overall 58cm
(22”), blade 43cm
(17”) long, 3.8cm
(1 ½”) wide. Made by Windlass Steelcrafts.

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- Hans Segercrantz

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