Charles V Letter Opener

  • Overall length 26 cm
  • Silver Finish hilt
  • Stainless Steel Blade


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Description of the Product

Charles V is a fantastic example of the intricasies of the European royal houses, inheriting several major dynasties of the 16th C.. Charles V inherited Burgundy and the Netherlands from the Valois, the Holy Roman Empire from his Habsburg side, and Castile, Aragon, Southern Italy, parts of America and Asia from his Spanish Trastamara side. He was crowned Holy Roman Emperor in 1519, but he also ruled Castile and Aragon as the first king of Spain, as Charles I, from 1516. His empire was one where the sun never set, spanning almost 4 million km2. Needless to say that this much power in the hands of just one person irked many. Europe almost had a King of Europe, something not seen since the death of Louis, the son of Charlemagne, in 840. His reign was thus characterized by several conflicts and wars: the Italian wars with France, the Protestant reformation in Germany and the Ottoman wars in the Mediterranean.

During the reign of Charles V Spanish influence spread in the Americas, and the conquistadores ensured a steady flow of riches to his ever expanding coffers. Parts of that treasure were spent on lavish armours, and a stunning collection of them can be found in the Real Armeria in Madrid. Armour, helmets, shields ets. made by the most famous artists of his era, the Helmschimits and the Negroli. The original of this sword can also be found at the Real Armeria in Madrid, founded by Charles’ son Philip II.

  • Overall length 26 cm
  • Silver Finish hilt
  • Stainless Steel Blade
  • Made by Marto of Toledo
The best of the best!!! I am very pleased, all products are beautiful and of good quality!!!!
- Robert Iulius

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