Excalibur Letter Opener

  • Overall length 26 cm
  • Silver Finish hilt
  • Stainless Steel Blade


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Description of the Product

If King Arthur actually existed, many historians would place him as a war leader of the early 6th century Britain, seeking to halt the invasion of the Saxons, a warring Germanic tribe, after the fall of Rome. There are many indications that England did, after a time of much strife, have a brief period of peace and prosperity in what is now called "The Dark Ages". The Arthurian legends feature the Knights of the Round Table, Merlin the magician and the Holy Grail, but the most famous of them all is the fabled sword, Excalibur.

Excalibur is a legendary sword with magical powers and stories about it have been told since early Celtic folklore, and are still widely shared in popular culture today. In some stories King Arthur gets his sword from the Lady of the Lake and in others Arthur was the only person that was able to pull the sword from the stone. The owner of Excalibur was “the true king” and using the sword Arthur was able to gain the throne of Britain.

The Excalibur Letter Opener honors King Arthur, the legendary British leader. This excellent mini-sword is made after the sword seen in 1981 movie “Excalibur” and features many symbols from the Arthurian legends adding character and appeal.

  • Overall length 26 cm
  • Silver Finish hilt
  • Stainless Steel Blade
  • Made by Marto of Toledo
Ordering from you was easy and delivery was quick! thanks for the help when I needed it also.....
- Joe Richardson

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