Firing cap bullets for Peacemaker Revolvers

  • Decorative cartridge made of cast metal, with firing caps
  • Excellent for film productions, and for the theater stage
  • Includes six bullets and 50 firing caps


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Description of the Product

These six bullets fit directly into the classic Wild West six-shooter revolvers, the Colt Peacemakers. The Peacemaker's striker strikes the firing cap behind the bullet, which makes a bang accompanied by a small puff of smoke.

Suitable for both video projects and the theater stage. Gives a nice authenticity boost quick draws as well, when finding out who is the fastest draw in the west.

The package includes six bullets and 50 firing caps suitable for these bullets. Also available additional firing caps (#48 Firing Caps 100pcs).

  • This decorative cartridge is made entirely from cast metal, zamak
  • Perfect for historical re-enactment, in film productions and the stage
  • Length: 23 mm
  • Weight: 6 g
  • Manufacturer: Denix, Spain
The best of the best!!! I am very pleased, all products are beautiful and of good quality!!!!
- Robert Iulius

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