Firing Caps 100pcs

  • Works with Denix replica guns and most other cap guns
  • Includes 100 firing caps


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Description of the Product

Caps like these are called either firing caps or percussion caps. Percussion cap name is normally used for caps made of metal that were historically used in percussion cap guns during the 19th century. Firing cap name is normally used for caps made of plastic, but the working mechanism is same for both percussion caps and firing caps. Striking the cap with the hammer of the gun creates a bang and a nice puff of smoke.

Suitable for both video projects and the theater stage as well as to make displaying and showcasing the guns more realistic. Gives a nice authenticity boost to our gun replicas when you can safely simulate firing them.

These caps work with Denix replica guns but also with most other (if not all) cap guns in the market. These caps fit also to our Firing cap bullets for Peacemaker Revolvers (#49). These caps can be used with any of our percussion lock gun replicas and also some other guns/models. If these caps can be used with a replica gun this will be mentioned in the product info text of the gun. To use with Colt Peacemakers you need Firing cap bullets that are sold separately.

  • Made in Germany

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