Medieval Dress with Adjustable Neckline



Description of the Product

This loose cut medieval dress is floor-length, with so-called gores at the sides. Gores, wedge-shaped / triangular pieces of fabric added to expand the shape of a garment, gave medieval clothing a generous flare.

The gathered neckline is based on an rare archaeological textile fragment found in Pskov, Russia, and believed to have belonged to a 10th century Viking dress. It has a slit on the front and can be closed with ties. The cuffs of this dress are also equipped with ties so you can create gathered sleeves, wear sleeves open and wide or even tie sleeves at elbows during the hot summer days.

The dress is made from plain, yet thick and durable cotton fabric and can be worn either as a shift or as an outer garment. As a plain dress this is a very versatile piece of clothing that suits many characters. For example when combined with a coif and an apron or surcoat, this dress is ideal for the portrayal of a maidservant.

  • Colours: off-white, blue, and red
  • Available in sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL
  • Material 100% cotton
  • Manufacturer: Battle Merchant
  • This same dress is also available in smaller sizes -Medieval Dress for Children/Youth-
Size Chart
Chest Circumference
(in cm)
88 96 104 116 128

Overall length in size M: approx. 150 cm, measured from shoulder to hem.

To find the right size take your measurements correctly, wrapping the measuring tape horizontally around your body at the fullest part. For this dress, sizes are based on chest circumference. Ease of wear is already included in the pattern.

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