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Description of the Product

Katana is a traditional Japanese sword that is mainly used with a two-hand grip but that can be gripped and used with just one hand just as easily. Katana was made famous by Samurai during the Japanese Medieval Times but the use of Katana continued till the Second World War. This very famous sword is most likely the best known Asian weapon in the western world and Katana has been a part of movies, games and comics almost as long as these have been made. We have seen Katana wielding heroes and villains all the way from ninjas and samurais to martial art gurus and highlanders whether the story has been situated in historical setting or scifi world unknown to us.

Katana is thought to be excellent blade capable of cutting through anything in the hands of a skillful sword master. Even though katana cannot perform outside the laws of physics (outside movies that is) it is however excellently suited for efficiently slicing cuts. Rigid, one edged and slightly curving blade slices excellently due to its shape and geometry in powerful two-handed strikes. Cutting with a Katana is such a fun activity that cutting bamboo mats is a sport in itself and competitions are held where different swords and cutting techniques are compared.

The ever-popular Practical series Katana gives the martial artist an opportunity to own and use a fully functional sword at the cost of an economy katana. The 1566 high-carbon blade is forged and differentially hardened, using the same processes as in more expensive katana blades. The result is a blade that has edge with HRC60 hardness and back with HRC40 harness. The blade has an authentic and prominent hamon, temper line. The fittings and handle parts are all strongly built made to withstand the rigors of cutting exercises at the dojo. The Practical Wakizashi and the Practical Tanto match this katana making a useful and economical samurai set.

Included is traditional black cloth sword bag to keep your sword in pristine condition when in storage or while transporting the sword. Made by Hanwei. Specs can vary slightly from piece to piece.

  • Overall length: 100 cm
  • Blade length: 69,2 cm
  • Handle length: 28,6 cm
  • Weight: 1,08 kg
  • Point of Balance: 14,6 cm
  • Width at Guard: 3,1 cm
  • Width at Tip: 2,2 cm
  • Thickness at Guard: 6,9 mm
  • Thickness at Tip: 4,6 mm
  • Blade material: 1566 Carbon Steel
  • Sharpness: Very sharp
The best of the best!!! I am very pleased, all products are beautiful and of good quality!!!!
- Robert Iulius

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