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Description of the Product

Richard the Lionheart was the second Plantagenet king of England 1189-1199 and a glorious crusader and knightly hero in his own time, even though he was undoubtedly also a violent and cruel king. Like most Plantagenets, Richard was in constant warfare not only with his enemies but also with his relatives. He received the crown of England after internal struggles within the family. He and his brothers had risen against their father, king Henry II at the behest of their mother Eleanor of Aquitane, who was then taken prisoner by her husband to keep their sons in check. After years of building a reputation as a capable military leader, as well as a reputation for cruelty when suppressing revolts, he eventually turned to the French king Philip II for help to defeat his father and brothers.

He waged many wars and conquered new territories under the flag of England. Most famous of his war campaigns is the Third crusade to Jerusalem where he commanded European armed forces against Saladin and Muslim forces. A rash and temperamental leader, he eventually fell out with the other leaders and was left without allies. Richard got his epitaph Lionheart due to his brave and fierce leadership in battle. When returning from Jerusalem disguised as a knight Templar he was captured in Austria by his former ally from the crusade whom he had scorned, and he was kept prisoner for a couple of years. His brother John had offered a counter-ransom if they would keep him captive a while longer, but his mother Eleanor raised the kingly ransom. Richard was able to return to England only a moment before a coup where his brother John, in true Plantagenet style, would have taken the crown to himself, yet again with the help of the French king Philip II.

His own personal ability was a source of inspiration for his men in battle and his motto Dieu et mon Droit, “God and my right”, is still the motto of the British monarchy today, and his heraldic design, the three lions, a part of the royal coat of arms.

Our tribute to Richard Lionheart features lions and dragons galore. It is the perfect sword for the perfect medieval hero who by no means was a saint but a warrior.

The stainless steel blade is easy to care for, and the sword is ideal as a decoration, as part of a costume, as a collectible and suitable for light cutting practice. The material is not suitable for steel-on-steel fencing or heavy cutting practice. Made by Marto of Toledo.

  • Overall length 75.8 cm
  • Blade length 59 cm
  • Handle+Pommel length 14.7 cm
  • Weight 1.1 kg
  • Width at Guard 3,4 cm
  • Thickness at Guard 4,5 mm
  • Blade material: 420 Stainless Steel
  • Sharpness: Unsharpened
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