Synthetic Battle Axe Blade



Description of the Product

We haven’t had a synthetic alternative for safe axe combat training and battle simulation before. Luckily now there is one more weapon option to add to your training weapon repertoire as axes have become available.

This synthetic weapon simulates battle axes from the early medieval times till late medieval times. For the size it is a two handed battle axe (or a quite large one-hander).

Practice weapons of all kinds always have to balance realism with safety. If the weapon is too realistic it will function like the real weapon and there is a risk of serious and unnecessary injury. If the weapon however is too soft and bendy, it will be useless as a training tool as it will move and act differently from the real deal. The material used in this synthetic axe is polyethylene which is very durable, will never shatter, is lighter than steel and can be attached to a wooden shaft just like the real blades made of steel. Using synthetic material we now have a lighter and safer version of the battle axe that can be used in a martial arts school in single or pair drills, on theater stage or in reenactment battles.

The edges are rounded and the points can be easily filed round if you are planning to use the axe as a tool in active training with a partner. The edge of this axe is softer than steel and lighter making weapon control easier and blows softer with less energy. For sufficient realism, however, the blade has to be firm enough, and not wobble. Therefore even a synthetic blade might cause injury, especially to the face, throat or the eyes, so appropriate protection must be utilized at all times when using this training axe.

Available as a blade only and readily shafted. Shaft is 32 mm thick birch with natural surface (without varnish, stain etc.) and is approx. 145 cm long.
Blade height 30 cm and width 19.5 cm. Thickness 8 mm. Weight 220 g.

The best of the best!!! I am very pleased, all products are beautiful and of good quality!!!!
- Robert Iulius

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