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During the Renaissance swordplay was considered an essential part of a gentleman’s education and was often used to resolve disagreements. The rapier sword was a civilian and a dueling weapon from the 16th century onwards, and it was mainly designed for thrusts, ideally through an opponent with whom you’d had a gentlemanly dispute.

Based on several 17th century swept-hilt rapiers of Italian ancestry, this Torino Rapier and its matching Main Gauche exhibit the classic straight cross guard -style which was popular in Renaissance northern Italy. Although the blades often originated in one of the blade making centers, such as Toledo or Solingen, the local manufacture of hilts meant that regional variations were varied in both design as well as in the use of materials.

The intricacies of the Italian style of rapier fencing are thoroughly demonstrated by Ridolfo Capo Ferro, or Capoferro, a fencing master in the Italian tradition. Capoferro’s fencing manual “Gran Simulacro” from 1610 is one of the most famous fencing manuals in the world. The style spread throughout Europe and dominated the world of dueling all the way to the 1800’s, and his art is still practiced to this day.

The Torino rapier has a stainless steel hilt, for reduced maintenance. The rapier has classical lines; the delicate and ornate swept-hilt gives excellent hand protection. The quillions also provide a variety of grips which give you leverage in combat. The hilt is of the same size as in the original museum pieces, which provides an authentic feel in your hand. The comfortable grip is wrapped in twisted wire and decorated with two Turkish knots.

The high-carbon steel blade has been flex-tempered, so it is springy yet still suitable for delivering a very effective thrust. The Torino rapier weighs only 1005g, of which the ornate hilt accounts for quite a significant portion, which means that its point of balance makes it extremely fast in the hand, feeling almost weightless. The diamond cross-section with a pronounced central ridge makes the blade both flexible and sufficiently stiff for serious thrusts.

If needed, the blade is interchangeable with a blunt practical blade, designed for safety in rapier sparring. The matching Main Gauche may also be equipped with a sparring blade. Comes with a scabbard with black leather wrap and steel accents.

Made by Hanwei. Specs may slightly vary from piece to piece.

Overall length: 115,6 cm
Blade length: 93.4 cm
Handle length: 15.2 cm
Weight: 980 g
Point of Balance: 8.0 cm
Width at Guard: 20 mm
Width at Tip: 9 mm
Thickness at Guard: 6.2 mm
Thickness at Tip: 2.7 mm
Blade material: 1566 carbon steel
Sharpness: Sharp
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