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As late as the 11th century the axe wasn’t considered a gentlemanly weapon, and only the skandinavians and the saxons would use it as a primary weapon. By the early 12th century attitudes had changed, so that the axe became a permissible weapon for all men-at-arms across continental Europe. The reputation of the lowly axe changed so, that it could be seen even in the hands of kings. Axes remained a very common weapon all through the 12th and 13th centuries, and the popularity did not wane in the 14th century either.

This axe has on its blade a cut opening in the shape of the cross. Even though the age of the crusades was by the 14th century already history, emphasising christianity was a substantial part of the chivalric virtues. Chivalry during the 1300’s included the admiration and imitation of the brave crusaders, heroes and defenders of the faith of the previous centuries. Christian symbols, such as the cross, were important and useful external markers of the chivalric virtues. The cross axe imitates the style of the crusader axe of the previous centuries, almost like a fan would, but obviously it also works as a reinforcer and symbol of the carriers faith.

When practicing with steel weapons it is vitally important to make sure that sufficient and proper protective gear is worn and that all the equipment is in good condition. In order to avoid accidents remember to stay careful and controlled in all circumstances.

Made to withstand extremely hard use. Will withstand the strains of battle by martial artists, reenactors and stage performers. Forged of 51CrV4 carbon steel, and tempered to around HRC 50-52. The edges and points are thick and rounded for better nick resistance and safety. Made by Victor Berbekucz.

Total length 69,5 cm, blade length 20,5 cm, blade width 17,5 cm. Weight 1,0 kg.

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- Daniel Kohvakka

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