Howling Wolf Notebook with Antique Paper

  • Leather bound book with blank pages
  • Historical and classy way to write down notes
  • Approx. 240 pages to write or draw to
  • Medium size 17,5 cm x 13,5 cm x 4.2 cm


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Description of the Product

Wolves have been living alongside with humans for a long time, after all we have lived in the same areas and hunted similar game. Prehistoric people already noticed how wolves and humans both live in small tribes / packs and hunt large prey in groups using co-operation as an important survival tool. The close relationship with wolves is evident by the fact that the dog is the first domesticated animal. Wolves are feared, but also respected in many cultures. Wolves are beautiful animals, but wolves also symbolize many aspirational good values for many people. Wolf is such a complex animal that wolf can mean very different things to different people when considered from different points of view, e.g. loyalty, family and friendship, teamwork, protection, wildness, freedom, instincts, endurance, curiosity, playfulness, strength, etc.

This journal has thick embossed leather covers and inside you can find approx. 240 empty handmade paper pages waiting for your notes, drawings, spells, thoughts, travel plans, or whatever you fancy. You can use this book for example as a diary, for customer orders, drawings, as a gardeners notebook, travel book, guest book (also why not as a quest book) or as a book for your own family tree, recipe book and so on.

  • This book can be closed and tied using a leather strap
  • Thickness of the cover leather is approx. 2-3 mm
  • Approx. 240 writable pages
  • Size approx. 17,5 cm x 13,5 cm x 4.2 cm
  • Weight approx 400 g
Absolutely worth visiting. Things to wonder and admire for hours and to buy... Don't tell your spouse unless he/she is also an enthusiast :)
- Daniel Kohvakka

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