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Hutton Sabre owes its name to Alfred Hutton (1839 – 1910) who was a Victorian era British officer of the King's Dragoon Guards, a sword master and a writer. He originated the first English revival of historical fencing as interest in the historical martial arts had been lost in late 1800’s. Alfred Hutton collected old martial arts manuscripts, studied them, wrote about historical swordplay, taught the art of fencing in the army and in civil life after his military career, delivered swordplay demonstrations, lectures etc. Hutton successfully introduced realistic, historically accurate swordplay into the theatre as he taught stage fencing classes for actors. Nowadays his best known book is “Cold Steel: A practical treatise on the sabre” written in 1889.

The blade and hilt of the Hutton sabre imitates the style of the true military sabre to provide a more realistic military training sword. The high-carbon flex-tempered blade follows the proportions of the period but is somewhat shortened and lightened and exhibits a somewhat greater flexibility than a live military sword. The tip of the blade is rounded for safer training. Additional tip blunt can be used for even more added protection in thrusts.

This sword is perfect for training, sparring and practice of the art of the sabre. The blade is more rigid and sturdier than the blade of Radaelli and/or Pecoraro Sabre and is suitable for light and medium combat.

The cup protecting your hand and other metal parts of the hilt are made of stainless steel. The end of the tang is threaded and the hilt is fastened with a nut. This allows the hilt to be easily re-tightened or dismantled for inspection, customization and to exchange the blade if needed. Although this saber has been made to be a functional training tool for today's fencers at the same time it’s a fine copy of the original training sabers of the 1800’s.
Made by Hanwei. Specs may vary from piece to piece.

This sword has a newly 2018 re-developed stainless steel guard for better durability!

Overall length: 95 cm
Blade length: 79.1 cm
Handle length: 14.5 cm
Weight: 700 g
Point of Balance: 9.0 cm
Width at Guard: 21 mm
Width at Tip: 12 mm
Thickness at Guard: 5,3 mm
Thickness at Tip: 3,4 mm
Blade material: 9260 Carbon Steel
Sharpness: Blunt
The best of the best!!! I am very pleased, all products are beautiful and of good quality!!!!
- Robert Iulius

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