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Description of the Product

Tanto is the traditional weapon a Samurai would use to perform seppuku and die with honor in Medieval Japan, but Tanto is still used today when honor has been violated and yubitsume is needed to make things right again. Yubitsume is a ritual way to show loyalty, be punished and to ask for forgiveness by amputating your own finger. This brutal custom is derived from old Samurai-traditions and is only used by Yakuza nowadays. Members of this Japanese organized crime syndicate are very conscious of the traditions and you are not allowed to show any fear or pain when cutting your finger off, just like a Samurai would expect you to perform. Because it is little finger that’s cut off during yubitsume sword handling becomes much more difficult. Even though it doesn’t sound right to someone not trained in swordsmanship the little finger has the most control over the sword and gives the strongest grip. Samurai’s power was in his little finger and without it he was in a big disadvantage in any fight. Missing little finger was a everyday reminder of the offences and made him more reliant of his clan/group. If the offences and bad behavior continued, next in line was his ring finger making him even less capable of using a sword properly. Even though Yakuza is not using swords anymore in modern world this old tradition of amputating fingers is still in use.

The Tori Tanto is an excellent weapon in itself but also perfect accompanying piece to the Tori Elite Katana. It is built on a forged and folded K120C Powder Steel blade with elegant fittings of the highest quality. The blade is made of pattern welded steel often also called Damascus steel where separate layers of steel are forged together, then folded and forged together, folded and forged and so on to make a homogenous and durable blade. This is a method traditionally used in Feudal Japan when manufacturing swords. Alternating layers of steel form an organic wavy pattern that can be best seen near the hamon (tempering line).

The Tsuka (handle) that has wooden core is wrapped in the highest quality Same (rayskin). The fittings have a Crane and Armour theme like on the Tori Katana. The crane is one of the Japanese holy creatures, symbolizing good fortune and longevity because of its fabled lifespan of a thousand years. Saya (scabbard) matches the textured brown of the katana.

A Traditional Japanese Sword maintenance kit is included. The kit contains blade oil (traditional choji oil that is made of mineral and clove oil), rice papers, an oiling cloth, a powder ball for blade polishing, a brass awl and hammer that is used if one wishes to disassemble the sword and a Saya shimming veneer to retighten the scabbard to the blade if needed. The kit is contained in a fitted wooden box. Also included is a traditional cloth bag to keep your dagger in pristine condition when in storage or while transporting. Made by Hanwei. Specs can vary slightly from piece to piece.

Overall length:42,5 cm
Blade length:27,5 cm
Handle length:12 cmWeight:360 g
Point of Balance:3,6 cm
Width at Guard:2,8 cm
Width at Tip:1,9 cm
Thickness at Guard:6,2 mm
Thickness at Tip:3,9 mm
Blade material:K120C Powder Steel
Sharpness:Very sharp

Absolutely worth visiting. Things to wonder and admire for hours and to buy... Don't tell your spouse unless he/she is also an enthusiast :)
- Daniel Kohvakka

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