Winged Blunt Spearhead


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Description of the Product

Winged or lugged spears were originally used by Frankish warriors and these were popular with the Vikings also. Besides hanging your banner when marching into war the wings could also be used to block, push, hit with, to control the weapons of your opponent and even hook the shield or legs of your opponent. These winged spears later evolved into medieval polearms when the wings were replaced by hooks, spikes and hammerheads making these even more versatile weapons.

This solid, hand-forged spearhead has a blunt tip for safety and is ideal for re-enactment purposes. The spearhead has holes pre-drilled into the socket ready to help you secure it onto a wooden shaft of your choice. Delivery does not include a shaft. Made by Ulfberth.

Total length approx. 34.5 cm (13,6”), thickness of the blade approx. 5 mm (0,2”), inner length of the socket for the wooden shaft approx. 12 cm (4,7”), socket opening 29 mm (1,1”), blunt tip approx. 12 x 12 mm (0,5” x 0,5”). Weight 340 g (0,75 lbs).

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