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Throwing axes were one of the most feared weapons barbarians used. Throwing spears were a common weapon, but Franks became known for the throwing axes they used. Axes were thrown just before the battle formations met when the impact was most effective. Historian Procopius (c. 500–565) wrote about the Franks: “each man carried a sword and shield and an axe. Now the iron head of this weapon was thick and exceedingly sharp while the wooden handle was very short. And they are accustomed always to throw these axes at one signal in the first charge and thus shatter the shields of the enemy and kill the men.”

The psychological element of the Francisca was horrific and sometimes the enemy ran away before the combat in fear of the incoming wall of flying axes. Throwing axes have a tendency to bounce quite randomly from the ground or from the edge of the shield if the axe doesn’t hit the target. This unpredictability of the weapon added fear as the enemy newer knew what is going to happen.

Francisca-axes spread in the use of Germanic tribes all across northern Europe all the way to Finland and England and places in between but as the axe was originally named after Franks the name remained.

The use of Francisca started approximately at the same time as the Western Roman Empire fell, late 5th century. The use continued all the way through the reign of the Merovingian dynasty till Charlemagne rose in power and became an emperor in the year 800.

A leather sheath to protect you and the edge is included. Made by Hanwei. Specs will vary slightly from piece to piece.

Overall length: 46 cm
Blade length: 8.7 cm
Blade thickness near shaft: 17 mm
Blade thickness near edge: 4,7 mm
Weight: 500 g
Blade material: High-Carbon steel
Sharpness: Sharp
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