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The use of a chaperon began before the 1200’s, as covering your head was very important during the Middle Ages. Hoods were used by men and women alike, and of all classes, especially in Northern Europe. These hoods came in all types: long or short, pull-over or open- fronted. The edge of the cape was often trimmed for decorative effect. The nobility wore the hoods too, but theirs were naturally distinguished by the luxuriousness of the fabrics and the decorations used.

The "cappa" or chaperon, is a one-piece hood with a short cape over the shoulders, put on by pulling over the head. Wool ones were used in cold weather, and lighter ones for summer while pieces made of leather offered protection from rain and wind. The hood could be pulled off the head to hang behind, leaving the short cape round the neck and shoulders. The hood could be loose at the back, and sometimes ended in a tail that came to a point. The most extreme version of this style, the liripipe, was popular from the mid-14th to the end of the 15th century.  The long extension could be worn hanging down or wrapped around the head or the neck.

These cotton hoods are available in brown or black, and both colors in sizes S/M or L/XL. As well as being cool and comfortable to wear by themselves, they go well together with a large variety of other costumes, weather you are a hired sword or a forester!

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