Templar Notebook

  • Leather bound book with blank pages
  • Historical and classy way to write down notes
  • Approx. 240 pages to write or draw to
  • Medium size 17,5 cm x 13,5 cm x 4.2 cm


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Description of the Product

The Knights Templar or simply the Templars is the best known Cristian medieval military order and for a good reason as they wielded great power and had big influence from 1119 to 1312. Templars were warrior monks but they didn't handle only war but had their hand in politics and finance also and became one of the most influential medieval organizations economically. The correct name of this military order is The Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon (Latin: Pauperes commilitones Christi Templique Salomonici) but as the name is quite long it was shortened to Order of Solomon's Temple and from there to just to the Knights of the Temple and to the Templars.

On the front cover we have the classic Templar cross and on the back cover of the book there is the embossed Templar seal with two riders. Templars used a variety of different seals during the centuries but this one was one of the most commonly used ones and still best known. According to legend these two riders are Hugues de Payens (the first Grand-Master of the Templars) and Godfrey de Saint-Omerwere (one of the founding members of the Knights Templar). According to the legend they were so poor that between the two of them they had only one horse. This gave rise to this famous image on the seal of the Templars, two men riding on a single horse. Around the riders we have text SIGILLUM MILITUM, Seal of the Soldiers in Latin.

This journal has thick embossed leather covers and inside you can find approx. 240 empty handmade paper pages waiting for your notes, drawings, spells, thoughts, travel plans, or whatever you fancy. You can use this book for example as a diary, for customer orders, drawings, as a gardeners notebook, travel book, guest book (also why not as a quest book) or as a book for your own family tree, recipe book and so on.

  • This book can be closed and tied using a leather strap
  • Thickness of the cover leather is approx. 2-3 mm
  • Approx. 240 writable pages
  • Size approx. 17,5 cm x 13,5 cm x 4.2 cm
  • Weight approx 400 g
The best of the best!!! I am very pleased, all products are beautiful and of good quality!!!!
- Robert Iulius

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