Bird’s Head Knife

  • Bird’s head shaped handle end makes a comfortable handle
  • Excellent for camp life in LARP and medieval reenactment
  • Total length approx. 26 cm
  • Sharp high carbon steel blade
  • Includes a leather sheath with belt loop


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Description of the Product

This medieval knife is hand forged from a single piece of carbon steel and has pommel / handle end in the shape of a bird's head. The beak of the bird makes a stopper to the handle and locks your hand comfortably on the handle even when swinging the blade fast whilst chopping wood. Bird head shaped handles have been used throughout the ages and for example Romans liked to add eagle heads to their sword and knife handles. Also some Viking Era finds (for example in Finland) have pommels shaped like bird heads.

This knife has a distinctive, rough forged rustic surface. Due to the strong back of the blade this knife has some weight to it. The weight, V-shaped cutting edge and nicely shaped handle makes this blade ideal for cutting kindling for the campfire and for other camp chores. The handle of the bird's head knife is wrapped in leather for better handling.

This knife comes with a leather sheath and is sharpened. The color of the leather may vary from brown to black. The hardness of the knife is 54 to 56 HCR Rockwell.

  • Comes with a leather sheath with belt loop
  • Total length approx. 26 cm
  • Blade length approx. 14 cm
  • Blade width approx. 3.5 cm
  • Blade back thickness approx. 6 mm
  • Weight approx. 280 g
  • Material: High carbon steel
  • Sharpness: Sharp
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