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Description of the Product

Katana is a single edged, slightly curving, hand-and-a half sword. There is plenty of space on the long handle for two handed grip, which is the main way of using a Katana, but Katana can be used effectively single-handedly also. Katana is a Japanese weapon that remained in use without big transformations through the ages up until the Second World War.

First Katana shaped and sized weapons, used similarly as Katana, are called Tachi and these were developed during the 8th century CE. Japan developed his own distinct weapons and war culture and stayed different through the centuries. The use of traditional Katana started in the 1300’s and manufacturing continues still this day.

Katana is known to most sword fans from TV, games, movies and comics and rightly so as Katana is a unique and excellent weapon. The Japanese aesthetics can be seen in this traditional Japanese sword where clear lines and pure form come together with small details highlighting both the functionality and the beauty of the sword. All comes together tastefully and is constructed with the highest quality in mind.

This Katana from the Hanwei Practical Plus –series provides a very economical cutting sword as functional and dependable as the Practical Katana, but using more traditional fittings and construction methods. The 1566 high carbon blade is forged and differentially hardened in the traditional claying method, producing a prominent and traditional hamon, wavy line near the edge that was created when hardening the blade. This line shows you the transition from the harder edge to the softer back. Hard edge cuts better and keeps a sharp edge longer while softer back gives resilience and shock absorption qualities to the blade. The harness of the edge is HRC 60 and the hardness of the softer back is HRC 40.

This Practical Plus Katana features genuine Same (rayskin) on the Tsuka (handle), with a Tsuka-Ito (handle wrap) specially developed for its gripping qualities. The long nakago (tang) is double-pegged with traditional bamboo pegs for security. All of the fittings of the sword that are mounted on top of the blade are called Koshirae as a whole. On this sword these fittings (Koshirae) are decorated in a Japanese Dogwood motif. Menuki, the grip-enhancing brass ornament under the Tsuka-Ito, feature a dragon. The handsome Tsuba is made of iron with sunburst design with a brass collar, Habaki. The flat black Saya (scabbard) features a black cotton Sageo. The Practical Plus Wakizashi and the Practical Plus Tanto match this katana and provide a useful, traditional and elegant samurai set.

Included is traditional black cloth bag to keep your sword in pristine condition when in storage or while transporting. Made by Hanwei. Specs can vary slightly from piece to piece.

Overall length:102,9 cm
Blade length:69,2 cm
Handle length:31,1 cm
Weight:1,05 kg
Point of Balance:14 cm
Width at Guard:3,1 cm
Width at Tip:2,3 cm
Thickness at Guard:7,1 mm
Thickness at Tip:5,3 mm
Blade material:1566 Carbon Steel
Sharpness:Very sharp

The best of the best!!! I am very pleased, all products are beautiful and of good quality!!!!
- Robert Iulius

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