Sword of the München Town Watch


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Description of the Product

Like most of the big cities of the Renaissance, Munich had a town watch. The watchmen enforced the law to some extent, but primarily they were just a well-armed troop of wealthy citizens guarding their own interests. Many of their tasks and duties benefited from having a sturdy edged weapon suitable for both cutting and thrusting. This sword they chose for this job was used together with a matching parrying dagger in the left hand (a fine weapon for many situations in itself). Although the story of the original sword can be traced to Munich, similar versatile sturdy cut&thrust-swords would have been a common sight on all fronts of the Thirty Years’ war.

Our Munich Town Watch has a wider and shorter blade compared to rapiers which enables cuts and makes a more versatile weapon. Like on rapiers the steel bars and rings on the hilt are different on the inside and outside of the blade. So the design of the hilt acknowledges the techniques of swordfight and is made with these in mind. The hardwood grip is wrapped with steel cord with braided wire at the ends. A riveted pommel shaped like a flattened ball completes the hilt. This Munich Town Watch Rapier comes with a black leather scabbard with steel mounts. Made by Windlass Steelcrafts.

The original sword from around 1600. It is a replica of a sword found in many museums today: for example the Munich Armory, the Bavarian Army Museum, and the Wallace Collection.

Weight 1.56 kg (3.4lbs), total length 100.5 cm (39.5”), blade length 83.5 cm (67”), blade width at base 4.2 cm (1.7”).

Also available matching -München Town Watch Dagger-

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