Chain Mail Shirt for Children and Youth

  • Short-sleeved mail shirt
  • Slit neckline opening that can be closed with included leather strap
  • Available sizes: 128 cm, 146 cm and 164 cm
  • Made of galvanized steel making the shirt rustproof



Description of the Product

This short-sleeved chain mail shirt for kids and youth alike is excellent addition and protection to every small adventurer whether they are looking for a safe way to Mordor or to Avalon. This chain mail shirt has a slit round neckline making it much easier to put on. The slit neckline is closed with a light brown leather strap that comes with the shirt.

Please note: the color of the leather strap is light brown like on the studio picture against white background. The other pics with models have slightly darker brown strap shown.

  • Available sizes: 128 cm, 146 cm and 164 cm
  • Material: galvanized steel, rustproof
  • Inner diameter of each ring approx. 10mm
  • Size 128 cm: Chest circumference 43 cm. Length from shoulder to hem 58 cm. Weight 3.3 kg.
  • Size 146 cm: Chest circumference 49 cm. Length from shoulder to hem 68 cm. Weight 5 kg.
  • Size 164: Chest circumference 54 cm. Length from shoulder to hem 75 cm. Weight approx. 6 kg.
  • Manufacturer Battle Merchant
Really fast delivery and excellent quality goods!
- Hans Segercrantz

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